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Game Hush

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Welcome to game_hush, a textless icon challenge. This challenge is dedicated to video games only, be it RPG or first-person shooter. (We're not genre-biased. Honest. ^^)

Every week a new theme will be posted which pertains in some way to video games. Specific games or characters might even be featured. Should you happen to win, you'll be presented with a lovely, rectangular banner. Huzzah!

So, does it sound interesting so far? It should. If you think this is the icontest for you, why not join?

-You MUST be a member in order to participate.
-You may submit up to two icons per challenge, or just one if you prefer.
-No text. That's the whole point of a textless icontest.
-Tiny text, on the other hand, is fine, so long as the words aren't legible.
-Icons must be newly made, specifically for each contest. They cannot be showcased somewhere previously.
-Icons must be compatible with Livejournal's standards: up to 100x100 in pixels and 40 KB in file size.
-Don't use fanart on your avatar. Doujinshi art is ok.
-If you've participated in a challenge, you're NOT allowed to vote for your own icon, unless otherwise specified.
-Do not get your friends to vote for you. The purpose is to keep this challenge fair.
-Don't steal any of the icons made here! If a challenge is done and you wish to use an avatar, please let the maker know!
-Enjoy participating in the challenge in any way, either by submitting or voting, of course!

This challenge is currently happening weekly. Every Friday night a theme will be given, and you'll be given until the following Friday night to submit. When no more icons are allowed to be submitted, voting will take place. Please only submit where I have stated for you to do so. Of course, your comment will be screened so others won't be able to view. Make sure your image host has direct linking capabilities!

Fortunately, once I've received the icon, I'll upload the avatar onto my account so people wouldn't cheat and know who had made the icon.

Format goes, as follows:

URL: http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f70/layouts_ahoy/game_hush____okami/commicon.png
Video Game: Okami
Character(s): Amaterasu

Once submitting have been closed, from Friday night to Sunday night the voting will go on. A new theme will also be put up soon after submitting has been closed. In order to vote, you must be a member. Once the voting is closed, winners will be announced soon after. You will not be allowed to vote for your own avatar, unless under special circumstances (not enough votes, etc).

Awards will be given out in the following categories:
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

The following are the special awards, which aren't always given out:
Most Creative: Avatar which displays the greatest amount of creativity, be it through theme interpretation, design, etc.
Best Color: Avatar which has the best colors used.
Mod's Choice: The avatar which appealed to me the most.

Week 1: winners [free-for-all]
Week 2: winners [swords]
Week 3: winners [crossovers]
Week 4: winners [final fantasy]
Week 5: winners [anime]
Week 6: winners [heroes & villains]
Week 7: winners [otp]
Week 8: winners [horror]
Week 9: winners [neon]
Week 10: winners [link & zelda]
Week 11: winners [gradients]
Week 12: winners [2d games]
Week 13: winners [cloud & aeris]
Week 14: winners [secondary characters]
Week 15: winners [squall]
Week 16: winners [super smash bros. melee]
Week 17: winners [zelda: wind waker]
Week 18: winners [greyscale]
Week 19: winners [fighting games]
Week 20: winners [duos]
Week 21: winners [girls]
Week 22: winners [boys]
Week 23: winners [sci-fi]
Week 24: winners [fantasy]
Week 25: winners [NPCs]
Week 26: winners [guns]
Week 27: winners [scenery]
Week 28: winners [selective coloring]
Week 29: winners [victory]
Week 30: winners [MMOs]
Week 31: winners [evil]
Week 32: winners [favorite characters]
Week 33: winners [oldschool]
Week 34: winners [sequels]
Week 35: winners [love]
Week 36: winners [next gen]
Week 37: winners [bosses]
Week 38: winners [weapons]
Week 39: winners [yellow]
Week 40: winners [out of the box]
Week 41: winners [blend]
Week 42: winners [monster]
Week 43: winners [rikku]
Week 44: winners [icon pairs]
Week 45: winners [game over]
Week 46: winners [zombies]
Week 47: winners [creative cropping]
Week 48: winners [pokemon]
Week 49: winners [movies]
Week 50: winners [hero worship/community icon]
Week 51: winners [unresized]
Week 52: winners [hack and slash]
Week 53: winners [textures]
Week 54: winners [nintendo]
Week 55: winners [multiplayer]

Current banner makers:
hocus - Week 53
shono_hime - Week 54

Banner makers! Be sure to check here for a more detailed schedule.
Apply to become a banner maker here.

This community is maintained by hocus, _joha, and nejlbana.

If you need to get in touch with any of the mods...
Email hocus at becbet@msn.com or
Email _joha at hey.joha@gmail.com