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[Mod Post - Banners]

Because it's come to my attention that we've gotten incredibly behind on making banners, I'm creating a more detailed schedule than the one in the user info. The weeks left without banners will be listed here, along with the maker for that week. I'm also going to try and keep an updated list of completed banners here, in case you missed (for one reason or another) your banner(s) when they were originally posted.

Incomplete Banners:
Week 37 - Bosses (wishehx3)
Week 42 - Monster (_joha)
Week 46 - Zombies (hocus)
Week 48 - Pokemon (hocus)
Week 49 - Movies (hocus)
Week 50 - Hero Worship/Community Icon (shono_hime)
Week 51 - Unresized (hocus)
Week 52 - Hack and Slash (shono_hime)
Week 53 - Textures (hocus)

Complete Banners:
Week 33 - Oldschool
Week 34 - Sequels
Week 36 - Next Gen
Week 38 - Weapons
Week 39 - Yellow
Week 40 - Out of the Box
Week 41 - Blend
Week 43 - Rikku
Week 44 - Icon Pairs, part one
Week 44 - Icon Pairs, part two
Week 45 - Game Over
Week 47 - Creative Cropping
Week 54 - Nintendo
Week 55 - Multiplayer

Since wishehx3 seems to have...disappeared, one of the three of us (me, _joha, and shono_hime) will have to take over her weeks. Feel free to volunteer, guys. XD Incidentally, I'm also looking for more banner makers, as it seems the three of us grow increasingly busy. If you're interested, please comment to this post with your intent. ^^

Extra thanks go out to aquahaute for being so awesome and catching up on the banner backlogs! ♥
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